Ivy League Haircut

An Ivy league haircut is most popular haircut of men in which sides of the head are cut shorter and top section of the head left longer. Usually, it has hair length of nearly 0.25 to 0.5 inches at the sides and back side of head slowly increasing to 1.5 to 2.0 inches in length at the top section and hairline if head. The hair shrinks in length from the hairline to the top, leaving the hairline to the longer section of the cut. This hairstyle might also be belonged to as a Cambridge cut, Harvard cut or college cut and it is a modification of a normal crew cut. The style can also be sported up and to the side with slighter amount of pomade or gel for a more official look.

There are numerous modifications to the Ivy League Haircut, containing alternates to hair length. Some haircuts feature a textured or layered cut to the longer section of the hair near the hairline to offer a messy look. The haircut is counted a modern style across men and even though its name has institutional origins, it is trendy with males of different ages. It is frequently considered a best style for men who have texture hair, because it can assist mask the look of texture hair.

Many males select to use pomade or hair gel with an Ivy League haircut with the intention of style the longer section of the locks to personal liking. The haircut likewise can be sported dry without the use of hair styling products. The hairstyle can be sectioned on the center or at either side. The most trendy way to sport this hairstyle is without a section of with the bangs little bit combed to the side.

The Ivy League haircut become admired with college guys because it stayed to crisp outfit codes but permitted some elasticity for personalization with long length hair at the front side of the head. This kind of haircut is copied from the crew cut hairstyle. The crew cut is most popular hairstyle of 1890s.

Nearly all hairdressers and barbers should be accustomed with an Ivy League haircut. It is an easy to maintain hairstyle and the time of styling depends upon the speed of hair growth. Men normally wait 4-8 weeks between cuts to maintain this kind of haircut.

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