A Brush For Each Hair: How To Choose The Right One

Inwood, in PVC, with wide, narrow, long, and short teeth: there are brushes of all kinds. But each type of hair has its favorite brush, which enhances its qualities. Discover the right brush for your hair! Read brush streightener reviews.

The brush is an object that we usually tend to underestimate.

For many of us, one is as good as another, “just brush!”.

Instead, dear women, each brush is very different.

I recently discovered it too, realizing that I have had the wrong type of brush for many years!

In reality it is a really important tool , to be chosen wisely, based on the type of hair we have and the use we want to make of it.

Especially if we want to create a defined fold or hairstyle , the right brush makes the difference .

Furthermore, many times, the brush is a real ally against the problems of our hair.

If we are invaded by frizz, for example, we assume that it is the fault of the shampoo, the hair dryer or climate change.

The cause, however, could be the brush we use, totally inadequate for our hair .

We at R&D want to help you in your great choice, because, you know, hair for a woman is like diamonds.

Choose the brush that suits you best from this list of tips.

For each hair, its brush !

The roller for the wavy

If you have wavy hair that often ends up only becoming frizzy and unmanageable, the solution is to use the so-called “roller” or simply round brush.

It is usually used to straighten the hair with a hairdryer, but it is perfect used on any occasion, to have a quick and tidy style immediately .

Starting from the root and reaching the tip of each lock, without ever pressing too much, gently, so as not to break the hair.

The rectangular for the smooth

With a nice smooth hair, you don’t need too much care .

That’s why you can use the normal rectangular brush, which, in addition to removing the knots, will keep your hair smooth and tidy.

Excellent is the one with the wooden structure, which will avoid making your hair electric !

The hourglass for the courts

If you have short hair and the tufts go everywhere but where they should be, use the “hourglass” brush, which looks like a roller brush, but has longer, detached bristles.

You can use it both with and without a hair dryer , to order your hair.

Flat and oval for the long ones

For long hair, use the classic flat, oval brush, the one your grandmother used and thought had gone out of use centuries ago.

It is actually very effective, especially for fine hair, which needs a delicate brush that doesn’t break it.

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