35 Long Hairstyles For Men

Just like women, hairstyles also play an important role in men’s personality. Now this statement is totally wrong that makeup and grooming only essential elements for women. The changing times have begot about an oceanic change in insights and attitudes and long hairstyles for men are stylish and not glared upon as they were before. You can sport them at home, at office and formal events. They cam worn in curly layers, twisted into waves or kept straight. Each hairstyles has its own special characteristic and distinctive look but you necessity select one that suits perfectly with your personality. They are mostly sported up to shoulder length. There are only few who opt for long hair as females but they’re there and showed off in style via ponytails or left opened. Here we have made the list of 35 long hairstyles for men that shows good-looking guys wearing their long-length hair in cool style. Check out and choose best one for your long length hair.

Casual Hairstyle

Blonde streaks in the dark locks with uneven layers, slumped on face, gives a untroubled look.

Cool And Casual

Long curly layers with oblique bangs on the front-side looks carefree and pleasant.


Short layers sectioned at middle and loosely sprinkled on face have a fashionable informal look.


Long, curly layered cut across the sides for an attractive look.

Hunk on Runway

The good-looking model his cascading bush layers shows off a fashionable look.


This long haircut has a cool look with its bushy layers swept on side and lobbed on the forehead.

Cute Guy

Long curly locks knot is a ponytail with a few loose braids floating on sides.


Classic shaggy layers made on light blonde locks and covering half part of fac look attractive.

Model Man

The muscular model in his shoulder length layered locks knot in a pony is looking charming.

Eye Candy

The medium length curly locks of this man, pressed at back side of head has a stylish allure and looks impressive.


This boy is looking flawlessly at ease in his cascading curly locks.

Dark Fantasy

Uniform wavy layers on back and sides with astonishing volume and stylish bounce.

Wavy Hair

Black wavy hair pointed in the direction of the ends and sectioned on side look eye-catching and have a wonderful texture.

Serious Pose

Long straight locks reaching up to neck with middle sectioning and gelled tresses cut in layers.


The hot man model in his long curly locks is a photo of enjoyment and contentment.

Breezy Golden Brown Locks

Silky golden brown locks with even length has a distinctive charm and looks astonishing.

At Sea Beach

These two handsome males with long-length hair are on an exploration tour and have a showy style.

Shaggy Layers

Low-fuss and shaggy layers haircut for a square-shaped face that likewise looks chic.


Medium length black shiny locks lobbed at backside for a stylish and severe look.

Long Waves

This boy in his French cut facial hair and long curly locks in honey color looks

Lip Piercing

A stylish haircut with uneven and texture layers splay on forehead and neck with side-sectioning.

Brown And Black

The long wavy locks styled in thick tresses and hanging across the face have a distinctive look.

Athletic Model

Sporting black wrestler short and shoulder length golden brown locks with middle sectioning, the athlete look sexy.

Gleaming Mane

Soft dark locks with asymmetrical layers-cut in V shape and cascading on back side with a middle sectioning.


The mannish model in his curly, dark shade locks sectioned in one side for a gristly look.

Wafting In Air

The male with long locks sectioned at middle and loose-opened creates for a handsome, fashionable look.

Hair Freaky

Long locks swept back side and knotted in a pony with a glove wrapping on crown.


The set of heavy wavy hair poised on the head makes a pretty look for the cute guy.


Long hair knot in a high ponytail with texture ear hair and sporting a leather coat, the guy looks incredible.

Look There

The guy in his long, messy locks and jagged nose looks jittery.

Curly Locks

Extremely shipshape curls flowing across look shiny and have an ideal texture and volume.


The male with his flowing wavy hair is looking nervous and impressive.

Closed Eye

Flustered, long layers sectioned to one side and hanging across the cheeks for a chic and nonchalant look.

Long Hairstyle

Straight long shiny hair with middle-sectioning and soft texture that look shiny.

Wrinkled Forehead

Messy golden locks with shaggy layers sectioned on side and cascading across has a tousled effect.

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October 4, 2018